This conference was held in Pittsburgh, PA USA (18-20 Aug 2004).

Programme Committee

Edmund Burke [co-chair] University of Nottingham, UK
Michael Trick [co-chair] Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Jonathan Bard University of Texas, USA
Victor Bardadym Noveon Inc., Belgium
Cynthia Barnhart MIT, USA
James Bean University of Michigan, USA
Patrice Boizumault University of Caen, France
Peter Brucker University of Osnabruck, Germany
Michael Carter University of Toronto, Canada
Dave Corne University of Exeter, UK
Peter Cowling University of Bradford, UK
Patrick De Causmaecker KaHo St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium
Kathryn Dowsland Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd.
Andreas Drexl University of Kiel, Germany
Moshe Dror University of Arizona, USA
Wilhelm Erben FH Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Jacques A. Ferland University of Montreal, Canada
Martin Henz National University of Singapore, Singapore
Alain Hertz Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
Michel Gendreau Centre de Recherche sur les Transports, Montreal, Canada
Jeffrey Kingston University of Sydney, Audtralia
Raymond Kwan University of Leeds, UK
Gilbert Laporte HEC Montreal, Canada
Vahid Lotfi University of Michigan-Flint, USA
Anuj Mehrotra University of Miami, USA
Amnon Meisels Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel
George Nemhauser Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Thiruthlall Nepal ML Sultan Technikon, Durban, South Africa
James Newall EventMap Ltd, UK
Ben Paechter Napier University, UK
Gilles Pesant Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
Sanja Petrovic University of Nottingham, UK
Jean-Yves Potvin Universite de Montreal, Canada
Andrea Schaerf Universita` di Udine, Italy
Jan Schreuder University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Stephen Smith Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Jonathan Thompson Cardiff University, UK
Paolo Toth University of Bologna, Italy
Greet Vanden Berghe KaHo St.-Lieven, Belgium
Stefan Voss University of Hamburg, Germany
Dominique de Werra EPF-Lausanne, Switzerland
George White University of Ottawa, Canada
Michael Wright Lancaster University, UK
Jay Yellen Rollins College, Orlando, USA

Full list of papers

The Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling V
Edmund K. Burke and Michael Trick (editors)

Plenary Speakers
Logistics Service Network Design for Time-critical Delivery
Cynthia Barnhart and Su Shen USA.
Playing with Constraint Programming and Large Neighborhood Search for Traveling Tournament
Martin Henz, Singapore.
Scheduling the NFL with Constraint Programming
Irv Lustig, USA
Learning User Preferences in Distributed Calendar Scheduling
Jean Oh and Stephen F. Smith, USA
Full papers
Fuzzy Multiple Ordering Criteria for Examination Timetabling
Hishammuddin Asmuni, Edmund K. Burke, and Jonathan M. Garibaldi
Real-time Scheduling for Nurses in Response to Demand Fluctuations and Personnel Shortages
Jonathan F Brad adn Hadi W. Purnomo
Analysing Similarity in Examination Timetabling
E. K. Burke, A. J. Eckersley, B. McCollum, S. Petrovic and R. Qu
Interactively Solving School Timetabling Problems using Extensions of Constraint Programming
Hadrien Cambazard, Fabien Demazeau, Narendra Jussien and Philippe David
A Constraint Based Genetic Model for Representing Complete University Timetabling Data
Atish Chand
Application of a Hybrid Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm to the Uncapacitated Exam Proximity Problem
Pascal Côté, Tony Wong, Robert Sabourin
Semantic Components for Timetabling
Nele Custers, Patrick De Causmaecker, Peter Demeester, Greet Vanden Berghe
Analysis of Real-world Personnel Scheduling Problems
Patrick De Causmaecker, Peter Demeester, Greet Vanden Berghe, Bart Verbeke
Tabu Search Hyper-heuristic Approach to the Examination Timetabling Problem at University Technology MARA
Graham Kendall and Naimah Mohd Hussin
Solving the Fixed Channel Assignment Problem in Cellular Communication using an Adaptive Local Search
Graham Kendall and Mazlan Mohamad
A Tiling Algorithm for High School Timetabling
Jeffrey H. Kingston
The University Course Timetabling Problem with a 3-Phase Approach
Philipp Kostuch
Two Neighborhood Approaches to the Timetabling Problem
Fernando Melício, João P. Caldeira, Agostinho Rosa
Minimal Perturbation Problem in Course Timetabling
Tomas Muller and Hana Rudova
EDT-2004 : An Open Interactive Timetabling Tool
S. Peichowiak, J. Ma, R. Mandiau
Heuristics for the Mirrored Traveling Tournament Problem
Celso C. Ribeiro and Sebastián Urrutia
A Tabu Search Heuristic with Efficient Diversification Strategies for the Class/Teacher Timetabling Problem
Haroldo G. Santos, Luiz S. Ochi and Marcone J.F. Souza
Decomposition and Parallelization of Multi Resource Timetabling Problems
Petr Slechta
Scheduling Court Constrained Sports Tournaments
Michael A. Trick
A Novel Similarity Measure for Heuristic Selection in Examination Timetabling
Yong Yang and Sanja Petrovic
Multiple-Level Models: An Application to Employee Timetabling
Tahar Zemmouri, Peter Chan, Michael Hiroux, Georges Weil
Extended abstract
Applying Ahuja-Orlin's Large Neighborhood for Constructing Examination Timetabling Solution
S. Abdullah, S. Ahmadi, E.K.Burke, and M. Dror
Fuzzy Student Sectioning
Mahmood Amintoosi, Hadi Sadooghi Yazdi, and Javad Haddadnia
A Hungarian Based Algorithm for the Academic Scheduling Problem
Asma M A Bahurmoz
Lower Bounds for the Multiskill Project Scheduling Problem with Hierarchical Levels of Skills
Odile Bellenguez and Emmanuel Neron
Scheduling the Brazilian Soccer Championship: A Simulated Annealing Approach
Fabricio L Biajoli, Marcone J Souza, Antonio A Chaves, Otavio M Mine, Lucidio F Cabral, Roberto C Pontes
The RCPSP with Time Dependent Resource Availabilities and Its Applications
P. Brucker, S. Heitmann, and C. Strotmann
SPACEMAP - Applying Metaheuristics to Real World Space Allocation Problems in Academic Institutions
E.K. Burke, C. Beyrouthy, J.D. Landa Silva, B. McCollum, P. McMullan
A Hybrid Heuristic Ordering and Variable Neighborhood Search for the Nurse Rostering Problem
Edmund Burke, Timothy Curtois, Patrick De Causmaecker, Gerhard Post, Rong Qu, Greet Vanden Berghe, Bart Veltman
A Case Based Heuristic Selection Prototype System for Exam Timetabling Problems
E.K. Burke, A. Eckersley, S. Petrovic, R. Qu
Applying Heuristic Methods to Schedule Sports Competitions in Multiple Venues
E.K. Burke, D. de Werra, J.D. Landa Silva, C. Raess
Shift Design in a Client Contract Center
C. Canon, N. Nonmarche, J.-C. Billaut, J.-L. Bouquard, and M. Salvant
Operational Tools for Efective Employee Timetabling
P. Chan, T. Zemmouri, M. Hiroux and G. Weil
A Tabu Search Algorithm for Solving the Timetabling Problem for German Primary Schools
Torsten Desef, Andreas Bortfeldt and Hermann Gehring
A Multiagent Architecture for Distributed Course Timetabling
Luca Di Gaspero, Stefano Mizzaro, Andrea Schaerf
A Multineighborhood Local Search Solver for the Timetabling Competition TTCOMP2002
Luca Di Gaspero and Andrea Schaerf
Combinatorial Tricks and LOVaSZ Theta Function Applied to Graph Coloring
I. Djukanovic and F. Rendl
Modification of Employees' Timetables
Laure-Emmanuelle Drezet and Claudine Tacquard
A Hybrid Grouping Genetic Algorithm for Examination Timetabling
Wilhelm Erben, Peng Yu Song
Scheduling Complex Training Programs: Plan and Execution
Lina Garcia and C.Coakley
Distributed Choice Function Hyper-heuristics for Timetabling and Scheduling
Andy Gaw, Prapa Rattadilok, and Raymond S K Kwan
Timetabling at the University of Sheffield, UK - Hardening the Incremental Approach to Timetable Development
Simon Geller
Computer Assisted Nurse Rostering, Step by Step
Rafael Hope
Solving Congress Timetabling with Genetic Algorithms and Adaptive Penalty Weights
Daniel A. Huerta-Amante Hugo Terashima-Maríni
An Adaptively Relaxed Constraint Satisfaction Appraoch for a Demand Responsive Freight Rail Timetabling Problem
Nakorn Indra-Payoong, Raymond S K Kwan, Les Proll
Distributed Examination Timetabling
Eliezer Kaplansky, Graham Kendall, Amnon Meisels and Naimah Hussin
Negotiation Among Scheduling Agents for Distributed Timetabling
Eliezer Kaplansky and Amnon Meisels
Use of Genetic Algorithms in Reactive Scheduling for Course Timetabling Adjustments
George Konstantinow and Chris Coakley
A Hybridised Exact and Local Search Method for Robust Train Driver Schedules Planning
Ignacio Laplagne, Raymond S K Kwan, and Ann S K Kwan
A Course Timetabling System in a Mexican University
Leovigildo Lopez-Garcia and Adela Posada-Bolivar
A Neural Network Based Construction Heuristic
M A J McGreevy, B G C McCollum, P H Corr, P P McMullan
The Break Minimization Problem Is Solvable In Polynomial Time When The Optimal Value Is Less Than The Number Of Teams
Ryuhei Miyashiro, Tomomi Matsui
Tour Scheduling With Skill Base Costs
Ed Mooney and Tom Davidson
Simulation And Analysis Of Urban-Transit Timetabling Under Uncertainty A Fuzzy Stochastic Approach
O. Ibidapo-Obe and ‘Ladi Ogunwolu
Transit Timetable For A Park And Ride - Scheduled Bus System For Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
O. Ibidapo-Obe and ‘Ladi Ogunwolu
University Timetabling With Fuzzy Constraints
Sanja Petrovic, Vijay Patel, and Yong Yang
Web - Based Optimization System Applied To High School Schedule Building
Plácido Rogério Pinheiro and José Auriço Oliveira
Harmonious Personnel Scheduling
Gerhard Post and Bart Veltman
Personnel Scheduling with Time Windows and Preemptive Tasks
R. Robinson, R.M. Sorli and Y. Zinder
A Timetable Production System Architecture for Courses and Exams
Ruben Gonzalez Rubio and Domingo Palao Muñoz
Scheduling Job Placement Interviews at a University
Linus Schrage
A Decision Support System for Assigning of Personnel to Teams
Jan A.M. Schreuder
A Column Generation Scheme for Faculty Time-Tabling
Paolo Serafini
Some Investigations into Parasitic Computational Approaches in Timetabling
George M. White
A Framework of Investigating the Impact of Different Data Densities on the Rates of the Genetic Operators in the Matrix-Based EAS Model
Li-Pei Wong and A. T. Khader

Selected Papers

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 3616, 2005
ISBN: 978-3-540-30705-1 (Print) 978-3-540-32421-8 (Online)