EventMAP specialise in the provision of automated management and planning solutions to the Educational Sector. Their flagship software, Optime, allows resource usage to be planned and managed efficiently and effectively. The development of the underlying Optime Scheduling Engine has spanned over fifteen years and facilitates the application of leading edge research based techniques to complex modern day resource usage challenges.

Our Clients include Imperial College London, University College London, University of Nottingham, Sorbonne University Paris, New York State University and Victoria University, Melbourne.

Our core business is managing change and the effective integration of people, processes, information, technology and environment. In the public sector we help drive forward initiatives such as shared services, best value and continuous improvement, the improved citizen’s experience and the use of electronic processes to support everything from elections to cash collections. Our clients include, Departments of State, Agencies and NDPBs, Local Government, Universities, Justice Agencies and the NHS and non-NHS healthcare organisations.

In the private sector, we understand how business processes and technology combined can deliver at the bottom line – whether through customer retention, process efficiency, acquisition driven changes or in the timely recognition of revenues. We have worked for clients in broadcast and media, the utilities sector, transport and transport infrastructure sectors, and for financial service providers. Internationally, our consultants work with learning providers in developed and developing countries to improve service provision and educational outcomes.

Scientia’s solutions deliver tangible benefits to institutions by enabling them to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the service to their students. Over the years, Scientia has built an enviable reputation as a global market leader in the provision of resource management solutions for the Further and Higher Education sectors. Last year, we were once again the leading provider of timetabling software to HE and FE Institutions in the UK (source UCISA CIS Survey 2009). In addition to Syllabus Plus Enterprise, which is a fully integrated suite of software modules that support the full range of processes involved with institutions’ planning and scheduling, Scientia also has a range of software-based solutions for Course Management, Administration, Student services.

When purchasing our software, we believe that customers should have the best tools for the job and so we also boast:

  • Support services, including access to: i) a dedicated help desk, manned by a team of experts offering a prompt response and technical support. ii) technical consultants that can guide users through all phases of implementation.
  • Training consultants who provide training in all our products and who can also provide in-house bespoke training courses to meet institutions’ needs.
  • Timetabling and Scheduling Process Consultants that have a wealth of sector experience that can offer comprehensive analysis of current processes and give detailed advice on how to restructure them where necessary.

CMIS for Further and Higher Education

At Serco Learning, we have over 15 years experience of providing complex scheduling, timetabling and resource management solutions to Higher and Further Education institutions in the UK and abroad. Almost 2000 clients in the education sector depend daily on our timetabling applications and consultancy services. CMIS is a fully integrated timetabling and resource management solution, designed to manage both physical and academic resources for any size of institution. This means that the best fit timetable can be provided for staff and students while maintaining the best use of resources. CMIS is designed to increase the efficiency of an institution’s use of human and physical resources to bring about real financial benefits. To help our customers manage the increasingly complex demands placed on university timetablers, our team of Serco Higher and Further Education Timetabling Consultants bring a wealth of experience and expertise in providing professional University business process advice as well as intelligent guidance on timetable construction.

Key benefits include:

  • Best fit timetables
  • Clear and measurable cost benefits
  • Immediate timetable information in the format required
  • Online room booking facilities for ad hoc bookings
  • Easy data entry
  • Emails of timetable changes
  • Clash free timetables for students

Timetabler Plus (T-Plus) is the ultimate timetabling solution for schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities and tuition centres. T-Plus is branded as the most advanced software within the timetable scheduling application. Designed with a high flexibility, its unique constraint modeling approach is the 1st ever design in the world.

Kicking off from a humble version of v1.2 in August 2007, the latest version of v2.8++ has been getting a enormous respond from our 45 clients within the Malaysian Higher Education sectors. All our clients are guided through our consultancy package that includes Training, Consultation and Customization in relation to their unique demands and constraints.

T-Plus is easy to use, fast and accurate. Its Uniqueness and Plus features have successfully produce effective, clash-free output through automatic generation and manual allocation. Currently, we are developing a new Timetable solution called Timetable Hub which will eliminate human factors in producing a quality and clash free timetable.

Mosaic Space UK addresses problems of planning, optimisation, systems implementation, and data analysis in education estates management. They have extensive experience and a particular interest in the implementation of timetable systems.