Registration shall be open from 5pm-7pm at the conference venue on Tuesday 26th. For those who arrive after the 26th, registration shall remain open on the 27th August from 8am-9am and 5:30pm-6:30pm.

The following provides an overall view of sessions. Please click on [download] or the following figure for provisional details of the conference programme of events and timetable and note that alterations may be required to the timings of some talks. A definitive timetable shall be made available at the conference.

Last update: 20/08/2014

There will be a dedicated stream entitled "Practical Timetabling" for the practitioners and open to researchers as a part of PATAT 2014 on Wednesday. An important aim of the Conference is to align the needs of practitioners and the objectives of researchers. A number of talks will be delivered by leading researchers as well as practitioners in the area of automated timetabling to exchange ideas/knowledge/experiences, discuss issues and present cutting-edge solution techniques (and more).

Each regular presentation is allocated 25 minutes including Q&As. All plenary presentations and opening/closing sessions will take place in the Classic Suite. The floor plans are provided at the web-site of the Marriott Hotel.