Social Activities

Tuesday 28th Delegates should plan to arrive on Tuesday 28th for conference reception and registration. Registration will be open from 17:00 to 19:00. During registration delegates will be treated to some snacks and a drink at the waterfront of the hotel.
Wednesday 29th You should reserve Wednesday evening for a social and informal evening in the small village of Son. The evening begins with a guided tour of the historical village. This will be on foot and will start at the hotel at 18:00. The tour will end about one hour later in the center of the village, where we will take maximum advantage of the local restaurants. We have chosen to scatter in three of the restaurants, which serve Italian food, sushi, and traditional food, respectively. Tuesday dinner isn't included in the conference fee.
To be able to book approximately the correct number of tables we need you to choose wich restaurant you will want to go to. We kindly ask you to do this during the conference reception on Tuesday. Some information about the various places are given below.
Thursday 30th We are delighted to invite all delegates to a Conference Dinner at the Oscarsborg Fortress situated on two islets in the Oslo Fjord. Bus departs at 17:00 from the hotel, and we will provide two alternative return times later in the evening.
Friday 31th We arrange an optional 3,5 hour sightseeing tour of Oslo during Friday afternoon. You will find more some details about this optional activity in our online registration form.

Those of you planning additional tourist/leisure activities may find useful information at

Three restaurants in Son

The restaurants have plenty of space outdoors, but more limited space indoors (which may be the relevant capacity measure, depending on the weather).

  1. Ristorante 24 ( is an Italian restaurant. Prices are typically in the range of 150-250 NOK for dinner (see menu).
  2. RåttParti ( is a sushi restaurant. As a price indication, "sushi menues" range from 120-315 NOK (see menu).
  3. Cafe Oliven is a traditional Norwegian/continental restaurant. A paper menu will be available at the conference reception.

restaurants in Son