PATAT 2012

The International Series of Conferences on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling (PATAT) is held bi-annually as a forum for both researchers and practitioners of timetabling to exchange ideas.

Whether it is sporting events, educational institutions, healthcare, transportation or employee management the construction of efficient timetables which provide the maximum in way of flexibility for all constituent parts is as important as it is challenging. An increasingly important aspect within organisations is an automated approach which maximises all aspects of resource usage. In doing so a number of quantitative and qualitative challenges must be dealt with from both a technical and practical perspective.

An important aim of the Conference is to align the needs of practitioners and the objectives of researchers. This is achieved through the presentation and application of leading edge research techniques. Practitioners and Researchers alike are encouraged to present their work and experiences with the overall goal of developing efficient and practical solutions. With this goal in mind, at PATAT 2012, researchers and practitioners will be brought together through a number of key presentations and workshops.

PATAT sponsors the 3rd International Timetabling Competition, ITC2011. This year, the Competition focuses on the field of High School Timetabling. The final results will be presented during the conference, and the winners will be rewarded.